Booze Blues Guitar Slides are now available in retail locations in 13 states, as well as on the internet, and you still don't have one for your very own? What's the hold up?


Booze Blues Guitar Slides have come along way from the first few bottleneck slides David turned out in his shop at home. Today his slides are available in stores all across America, and have been used by some of the modern heroes of slide guitar.

Players such as Derek Trucks, Gary Rossington, Willie King, and Susan Werner have all used BBGS, and far too-many-to-list local guitar slingers have found their playing improved by the BBGS slick ("slick as glass") finish that comes only from hand polishing and attention to detail.

Each slide David makes is meticulously hand-crafted. After sorting through wine bottles (not all bottles are suitable), David selects the ones that will eventually become a Booze Blues slide. Alone in his workshop, he carefully separates the neck from the bottle, and then begins the tedious process of cutting the neck down to size, and then hand-polishing the edges to a smooth luster. Not all bottle necks make it to the final stage, but the ones that do make it are the epitome of craftsmanship. The quality and care put into each slide cannot be reproduced by modern production methods.

Does all this attention to detail matter? YES. Every guitar player knows that his tone is in his fingers. With a slide, the player uses the slide as an extension of his fingers, and that slide has to fit well, be comfortable, and feel natural. The slight flare of a real bottle neck lets the player's finger fit the slide in a way that a mass produced slide cannot. With time, a player grows to know the feel of the slide, and the slight taper of the bottle neck becomes one with the natural taper of the player's fingers.

Adding to the natural feel of a bottle neck, the choices on length give the player even more options for a good fit. Booze Blues slides are made in four lengths: 2 inch, 2.25 inch, 2.50 inch, and 3.0 inch. The 2.0-2.25-2.50 inch slides are all "double cut", meaning the lip of the bottle neck is cut off, giving two smooth, finished ends to each slide. The 3.0 inch slide is a "single cut", meaning, the slide still has the bottle neck lip on one end. Some players prefer a lip, some don't, and Booze Blues produces slides to fill both needs.

When you consider all of this, and add to the mix that these slides are individually hand-made in Mississippi, the home of the slide guitar, by a Mississippi craftsman, and they actually cost less than the mass produced slides on the market, why would you settle for anything less than a real Booze Blues guitar slide?

If you'd like to have a special slide made just for you, that can probably be done. Why have a special slide made? Well... Why not? It costs very little, and it's a great way to remember special events. Maybe you have a wine bottle you saved from your wedding reception, or anniversary, or a spouse's special birthday party. You can send that bottle to David, get back a slide, custom made from that bottle, and relive the memory of that day every time you slip the slide on your finger and start to play. (Try getting that level of service out of a mass slide producer.)