BBGS Display rackDealers for Booze Blues Guitar Slides receive more than just a box full of slides. Remember that part about having pride in what you do? Well, each dealer receives a hand made display rack for his slides, made personally by David. These cool, rustic looking displays evoke images of the Delta's favorite building material, the old, weather-beaten clapboards seen on so many rural Mississippi buildings, from stores to churches to homes.

The small, blue bag at the bottom display is another bonus. each and every slide comes with it's own, personal protective blue velvet bag. That's a pretty far cry from a mass-produced slide in a bubble pack card, don't you think?

Shown at the left is the 20-slide display rack, which is also available as a 10-slide rack. These rack are sent with the first stocking order David receives from you.

Take a look at the retail outlet page linked on the left side of our site, and you'll see that these slides are found all across the nation, from the east coast to the west coast. the only thing between you and having these slides available to your customers is a phone call. Why wait?